CF Dominicana Cigars



Requested event dates are not reserved or confirmed until payment is
received. CF Dominicana does not hold dates based on e-mail or phone inquiries.
Dates are reserved either by online payment or checks received.
Although we service every city in the US, we have a limited number of cigar
rollers available for any given date. Any request changes or modifications to
event details already submitted must be requested in writing. Any verbal changes to details,
event dates, address information, phone numbers, authorized contact, scheduled time
for performance, amount of time for performance, quantity of cigars or staff changes
are not permitted. Events at locations where the cigar roller or other staff are requested to work
outdoors, the outdoor temperature can not be below 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Cigar Rollers can not
work in conditions when the wind gusts are above 9 miles per hour as the raw tobacco leaves
become impossible to manipulate.

CIGAR CATERING® is service marked and exclusive to the CF Dominicana brand of cigars, no other cigar brand or tobacco product is permitted to be presented at any event where CF Dominicana is either rolling cigars or where a CF Dominicana Cigar Server is present without permission. Events involving travel are subject to weather restrictions.CF Dominicana is not obligated to perform at events when weather restricts any form of travel necessary to get to the event.
Quotes involving travel are subject to change at anytime prior to a paid deposit.
The information on the original form submission will be used for contact until the day of the event.
Any person wishing to switch contact information must submit new contact information with the revised
information, there are no verbal changes to contact information. Only one person can be our contact regarding any given event, multiple contacts and/or emails regarding any given event are not recognized.

All requests for services or product must be agreed to in writing. Verbal requests for changes or
modifications regarding orders or events are not acknowledged unless supported and agreed to in writing.
CF Dominicana requires that the "CF" tablecloth with the "CF" diamond logo be displayed
at all times and that any "CF" staff hand out business cards that will be displayed on the table for contact with
CF Dominicana to all who inquire. CF Dominicana reserves the right to refuse any
event for any reason at it's discretion. "RUSH" events are accepted on a case by
case basis. Tipping is not required however, it is not discouraged. Tips left by guests on the table
where a roller is working are not permitted to be removed by anyone other than the roller. All supervision is coordinated via the CF Domninicana office which is available by phone while any event is going on, no direction is taken by anyone on-site including client's of CF Dominincana. All clients wishing to delegate in any way must contact the office and the office - upon approval - will degate to the CF Dominicana personnel at the event.

E-mailed requests for details for the event, approval for custom order artwork, or any other times sensitive
request for information regarding the client's event or order need to be responded to within 24 hours.
For "RUSH" events responses need to be made within 4 hours. Non-responsive clients are subject to cancellation
of the event or cigar order by CF Domincana at any time - event when a deposit or payment is made - as production necessary for the event is jeopardized. Non-responsive clients are those that are unreachable by phone or e-mail or when voice messages are left with no return call within a 48 hour period. Artwork necessary for custom cigar bands must be submitted by the deadline date stated or at least 21 days prior to the event date. CF Dominicana reserves the right to remove any staff if other brand(s)of cigars or tobacco products are presented without
consent of "CF" or if CF Dominicana is restricted from any of the above. CF Dominicana reserve the right to remove staff if the client insists on changing the terms of the agreement of services at the event. CF Dominicana
reserves the right to refuse events where in the company's perception, the cigar roller
is being booked solely as visual entertainment or when the amount of pre-rolled cigars
purchased is less than 40% of the stated amount of guests. CF Dominicana Cigars
and staff will give cigars to all guests that make a request except minors.CF Dominicana
will not police or manage the guests in any way and is not responsible if there are not
enough pre-purchased cigars to properly supply the amount of guests for an event.
Additional time requested while the event is in performance must be approved by CF Dominicana only.
Cigar Rollers, Servers, Hosts or any staff are not permitted to make any decisions to alter the "Start time"
or "End Time" of any event. All event location addresses must be recognized by GPS and /or be found via Google
, Bing, Yahoo Maps and no address is considered valid if written instructions are necessary. CF Dominicana reserves the right to refuse the event or cancel with no refund when the event address is not searchable via these methods.

This statement is not part of an integrated agreement.