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Of all the 25 cities where cigar rollers are provided for events from CF Dominicana cigars, the trademark service cigar catering now introduces Salt Lake City and neighboring areas such as Sugar House, East Bench, Provo and as far out as Denver.

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The majority of clients for these upscale events are golfers and the affluent decision-makers of the area while the corporate events are typically handled in the larger spaces such as the Pierpont Place and Falls Event Center. Golf courses in Park City and the Jack Nicklaus Valley course are all areas and venues where cigars are part of the culture and lifestyle of SLC residents.

The Salt Lake City cigar roller for CF Dominicana, will often travel to cigar rolling events outside of SLC, the latest being at the Grand America hotel where a 400-person wedding took place.

Weddings are a big deal here in SLC and particularly the suburb areas such as Yalecrest, Foothill Sunnyside, Bonneville Hills and so on.

Custom cigar bands are designed for every cigar event we do in Salt Lake, and these cigar bands are designed so that they are individually created just for your event so contact us with the date location name of your salt lake City venue and we will have a quote for you in 30 minutes, we look forward to hearing from you.