About the company CF Dominicana and Cigar Catering®, Cigar Rollers, Custom Cigar Bands and Cigar Staff for events

Cigar Catering® by CF Dominicana CigarsCF cigars area available in CT Shade and Ecuador Maduro wrappers

Cigar Roller events and our unique, trademarked entertainment service called, Cigar Catering®

Cigar Catering® features cigar rollers from around the globe who are ready to entertain you at your next Special event. The response to this upscale service has received wonderfully positive feedback from event planners and new brides across the US. Unlike any other cigar brand, CF Dominicana brings a fresh, creative idea and makes it available to everyone. We have a cigar roller in all major cities across the country, keeping your travel costs to an absolute minimum. They are not only Master Cigar Rollers, but have been selected to work with CF Dominicana for their friendly and knowledgeable personalities. They will interact in a charming way with everyone at the event to create lasting memories for each of your guests. They are not there to simply roll cigars but to also contribute perfectly to your Special Day. Our graphics designers will also create your Custom Cigar Bands to be rolled on each cigar at the event.

About the Cigars

All of the tobacco used for "CF Cigars" is imported from the Dominican Republic and no quality is sacrificed. Premium Connecticut Shade or Maduro leaf is used along with Premium Dominican Filler each day and we will also create individual boxes for each of our clients at their request, something unheard of with any other cigar brand.

Cigar Rollers for golf outings, corproate and wedding receptionsCF Dominicana cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic

About our Graphics / Custom Cigar Bands

Our Custom Designed Cigar Bands are created in-house by graphics designers and interns. Although many companies on the Internet say they have custom cigar bands, CF Dominicana surpasses all of them with beautiful, four color digital design. Our designers give you the freedom to make any kind of revision you would like - this personal and superior feature to our product is far superior to any other company's claims on the Internet. You can order as many cigars as you like - the custom labels are free of charge with enough production time.

CF cigars can be personalized with your initialsCustom labels designed and included with all events with a cigar roller

About our Company and Websites

Using the Internet and our national presence over 18 years, we encourage our customers to personally interact with us in a way that brings a new standard to the customer/merchant relationship. Customer options like Custom Designed Cigar Bands, Cigar Rollers for events, Cigar Servers and custom cigar orders created specifically for our customers complete with their initials on the bands, are unique features not available with any other cigar brand. We are easy to find, just look for the CF diamond logo and our service mark Cigar Catering®.

Cigars for cigar roller events are imported from the Dominican Republic.

Cigar servers and staffing for larger weddings and events

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