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Cigar Catering® is a service to bring a unique flair to the visual experience of your event to create a lasting memory for your guests. The craft of cigar rolling is appreciated by every guest, kids, seniors, men, women, cigar lovers and non-smokers alike when the visual of the craft is performed right in front of their eyes.

Cigar Rollers from CF Dominicana and all of our Cigar Catering® features are expertly coordinated with our own pro event planners to ensure the cigars and staff are planned perfectly for the big event. Press and feature news articles on Cigar Catering® from the major markets – 30 nationally in 6 months – has sent CF Dominicana’s Cigar Catering® to celebrity statu s. The cigars are “Grade 1” Connecticut Shade Broadleaf and the Seco/Ligero combination in the CF Dominicana filler blend makes our premium cigars the favorites of the guests. Many celebrities are yearly, repeat clients. Get a quote for your event

Cigar Rollers for golf, corporate and wedding receptions


The cigar rollers that roll in the 29 cities for Cigar Catering, are part of the whole package of features that make the presentation unique for your event.

Custom cigar labels are designed by our own graphics designers so the freedom to express any message you like, in any color, with infinite amount of design options with the capability of making multiple revisions finally brought together for custom cigar bands attached to each cigar presented to yur guests. Your cigar roller will also attach the custom designed labels on each cigar being rolled throughout the evening. Get a quote for your event

Custom cigar bands created by our own graphics designers for cigar roller events

Cigar Rollers at weddings create the Soho robusto cigars, while golf outings enjoy the "Tribeca" churchill or the "Bull" bravo cigars while guests look on. The gentle, pleasant aroma that only imported cigars gives, conveys high quality to your cigar savvy guests. Your assigned "cigar planner" will help you match the correct cigar to your event so you do not have to know anything about cigars. Attention is given to burn time, flavor, body when selecting the right cigar which is then integrated to the cigar roller demonstration. Each wedding, golf or corporate event requires properly matched cigars. Get a quote for your event

Cigars are imported from the Dominican Republic by CF Dominicana for cigar roller events

The end result is a winner, an experience that your guests will remember with a flair that guarantees an impression.

Cigar Roller for Wedding, Golf, Corporate Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, South Beach, Long Island, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Detroit, D.C., Atlanta, Rhode Island, Hamptons, Palm Beach, Connecticut, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Raleigh, Indiana

Mon - Thurs 10am - 5pm
Fri - Sun 10am - 2pm, Note: phones may be closed for
scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell phone of your area manager for real-time contact during these hours.

CF Dominicana is a cigar company, not an entertainment vendor. We reserve the right to refuse any event for any reason. CF Dominicana provides planning for the cigar roller feature through planners known as "cigar planners" that have the unique combination of cigar-knowledge and event planneing. When working with event planners, CF Dominicana prefers to work with ISEL or MPI accredited members.

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