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Wedding reception entertainment had been too conventional for decades until CF Dominicana launched Cigar Catering®, the professionally produced cigar roller feature, now in 29 cities.

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Wedding receptions maintain the formula of the DJ or band, cake, dessert, etc. etc. so wedding planners and Brides-to-be are always thinking of new, inventive ways to give their guests an experience to remember when celebrating your Big Day.

Cigar Rollers for golf outings, corproate and wedding receptions

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A cigar roller for hire at a wedding is the answer to give an entertainment experience for your guests. You are not only providing a unique visual and upscale addition to the environment, you are creating an experience that guests will talk long after the wedding is over. Needless to say, cigar lovers are elated when the cigars are brought out as it is something that's not often anticipated for a conventional reception. We call this the "WOW factor" as guests are surprised and cigar lovers are re-energized to the celebration just when they thought the party was over. Get a quote for your event

Custom labels designed and included with all events with a cigar roller

A cigar roller for a wedding reception is best introduced at the tail end of the reception so that when guests light the cigars, they can step outside without missing any entertainment indoors.

Cigars for cigar roller events are imported from the Dominican Republic.

One of the biggest surprises you will find is that the women in your guest list are most intrigued by the cigar roller and the craft of cigar rolling being performed right in front of them. It is the women who gravitate to the cigar roller performance far longer than the cigar lovers in the audience as they appreciate the craft as they watch this old world culture being celebrated right in front of their eyes, creating a lasting memory of your reception.

A new additional feature are custom cigar labels that are designed free of charge for all weddings. This unique feature brings graphics designers into the production of your wedding to create custom designs that are so detailed for each Bride that we match the color of the cigar bands to the Bridesmaids' dress color. The custom cigar labels are just another feature added to all wedding receptions and is now a standard feature for all weddings. You can also have a custom order with cigars without the cigar roller and the custom cigar bands will still be designed free of charge, simply inquire with us.

All Brides and wedding planners will have one of our "cigar planners" allocated to the production of the cigar roller feature to ensure the cigar rolling feature is a success at your reception. Most Brides-to-be are usually giving the cigar feature as a gift to their guests so they need someone to help plan the feature that is cigar-knowledgeable to make this a successful addition to your reception.

To get a quote for cigar roller at your wedding, simply fill in the contact form below to get a quote and we will have a quote ready for you within an hour. Your cigar planner will be able to speak to you in real time to give you not only the quote but to address all the other subtleties involved with planning for cigars and the cigar roller feature on your BIG DAY.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cigar Roller for weddings available in these cities and surrounding areas; Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis, Nashville, Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, South Beach, Long Island, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Detroit, D.C., Atlanta, Rhode Island, Hamptons, Palm Beach, Connecticut, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Raleigh

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Fri - Sun 10am - 2pm, Note: phones may be closed for
active, scheduled cigar roller events. You will be given the direct cell phone of your area manager (cigar planner) for real-time contact during these hours.

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