Cigar Catering® news video, nostalgic excerpts from the initial national and local news coverage that launched CF Dominicana's cigar roller events feature over 17 years ago

Five minute press television compilation video of coverage from the launch of Cigar Catering® in 2006. National and local news outlets featured CF Dominicana's cigar rollers in all parts of the country and made successful spots for the unique visual and close look at the craft of cigar rolling. These markets have been the leaders that launched CF Dominicana's cigar events feature that continues today, now over 16 years ago and still growing in new cities *additional B-roll and photos available upon request.

The end of this video shows one of our cable TV commercials that placed CF Dominicana's cigar rolling feature into the mass market with national attention.

Local and national news outlets that featured Cigar Catering®, introducing cigar rollers for events was started in; Chicago (WMAQ, WGN), New York (NY1), CBS Marketwatch (National), with online and print press throughout the country including the Boston Tribune, Yahoo, Forbes and more.

Consumers with upcoming events can call for questions to:

Press inquiries contact:
Very Cool PR
Joe Sanders
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public relations for CF Dominicana Cigar Catering®<br>

Interviews and press photos for cigar rollers and company spokespeople available in the following cities;

Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, South Beach, Long Island, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, Detroit, D.C., Atlanta, Rhode Island, Hamptons, Palm Beach, Connecticut, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Raleigh, Indiana

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