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Custom Cigar Bands

Custom Cigar Bands

Custom Cigar Bands are created with your own graphics designer for custom cigar bands with your initials absolutely free of charge.

Our graphics are created in house and we do not use outside vendors. Just submit the form at the bottom of this page, and call us. Your personal cigar bands send the entire presentation "over the top".

YOUR INITIALS - FREE FOR LIFE! Now that you are a client, you will enjoy every cigar you purchase from us in the future with your initials at no charge. No other cigar brand delivers such a personal flair to their product and is attracting media attention everywhere. Our in-house graphics makes this all possible because at CF Dominicana, "..we take it personally."

Custom Cigar Bands
Custom Cigar Bands from CF Dominicana are created by true Graphics Artists,
and students from around the United States
Custom Cigar Bands
Custom Cigar Bands
Custom Cigar Bands Submit this Request Form and we will contact you shortly
and create a Custom Cigar Band for you to view online.
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