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Cigar roller events in Miami have been performed for CF Dominicana guests for over 6 years. Miami is the home for the distribution of cigars for CF Dominicana. Cigar rollers and the presentation by CF Dominicana has been attempted by the vast cigar makers in Miami however, the actual presentations are neither comparable nor suitable for truly special events.


South Beach., Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, the Florida Keys and Palm Beach, Fl are where the prettiest weddings and events are held and the locations are often breathtaking. Platinum Weddings on the WEtv network featured CF Dominicana's cigar rollers at the wedding of two happy clients and the setting was perfect.


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Ritz Carlton, the Four Seasons have all been noted for the beauty and professionalism to the way they plan for their clients and so does CF Dominicana Cigars. CF Dominicana enjoys references from Brides to Golfers to Celebrities to Top tier event planners.


CF Cigars takes great care to make certain that you know what you are deciding on when planning for cigar rollers and cigars. CF Dominicana's event planners ask a lot of questions regarding your event and will guide you to the right way to make the presentation of cigars.


The cigars are pure, 100% Dominican Ligero Long Filler (rarely found in Miami) with "Grade 1" Connecticut Shade Leaf (rarely seen in Miami). All cigars presented at the events are 50 gauge and of course are brand level quality.

Miami is just one of the cities CF Dominicana has now expanded on.

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Cigar Servers are also an option and help with smaller cost restrictive budgets. You still achieve a pleasant visual to your event yet never sacrifice the quality of cigars that are served to your guests.


Custom Cigar Bands are free of charge and will add the perfect touch to the event in fact, the cigars often times becomes favors. We will even revise your design as often as you like until you are happy. Cigar Servers and cigars with custom cigar bands are great options and the newest addition to the Cigar Catering® service.



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